The most beautiful and hardest half marathon a.k.a “ Puštal half marathon”

We aim to be different, relaxed running event on the most beautiful paths on hills around Škofja Loka.  Its half marathon, but it also mountain run on soft single paths with steep ascents and descends, that brings you back to start in a heart shaped circle.

21 km and 98 m is the exact length of the trail. It runs mostly on soft ground trough the woods, with 1300 of vertical gain along the route. Whole trail is excellently marked with flags and there are 5 aid stations.

The use of hiking poles is allowed.

Start: Guesthouse Rupar, Sv. Andrej nad Zmincem.   (map)
Cilj: Guesthouse Rupar, Sv. Andrej nad Zmincem
Length of the trail: 21,098 km
Aid stations: There are 4 (!) refreshment points with food and drinks.
Time limit:  After 5 hours the race is over and you are on your own. However, the organizers will support you and wait for you at the finish line.


7.30 – Welcome for coffee and tea
8.00 – 9.30 Registration
9.45 – Presentation of the trail, warnings and welcome words.
10.00 – Start of the race
11.45 – Arrival of first competitor
12.30 – Medal ceremony
15.00 – Trail closed, end of event.

Altitude difference:  1.300 a. m. +  and  1.300 a.m. –

Age groups:

MAN A: from 18 to 39  (born btw 1985 and 2006)WOMAN A:  from 18 to 39 let (born btw 1985 and 2006)
MAN B: from 40 to 49 let (born btw 1975 and 1984)WOMAN B: from 40 to 49 let (born btw 1975 and 1984)
MAN C: from 50 to 59 let (born btw 1965 and 1974)WOMAN C:  from 50 to 59 let (born btw 1965 and 1974)
MAN D: from 60 to 69 let (born btw 1955 and 1964)WOMAN D: from 60 to 69 let (born btw 1955 and 1964)
MAN E:  above 70 let (born before 1954)WOMAN E: above 70 let (born before 1954)


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