Start and finish are in front of Guesthouse Rupar, on Sv. Andrej, approx. 5 km from Škofja Loka city center.

Itinerary: If you are arriving to Škofja Loka from Ljubljana, go in direction of Goranja vas – Poljane, on a traffic light even before reaching Škofja Loka. Immediately after the tunnel go out of the main road in direction Puštal / Hrastica. Follow the signs for Hrastnica nad NAJ NAJ 21.

Afret apporx. 2 km you will reach the junction, where the road goes up to Sv. Andrej. It will be marked with NAJ NAJ 21 sign.  From there on, you continue up, until you reach the top  and the Guesthouse.

Parking: There is limited number of parking on Sv. Andrej, therefore we ask you to follow the instructions of volunteers and that you arrange your transportation so, that you share your car with several runners. Its fun!




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